Welcome to PORTL!

PORTL is an online community platform that connects fans with the creators they appreciate and want to support. When you see "PORTL", "we", "us", and "our", it refers to PORTL, Inc., this platform, and the services we offer, which include the PORTL iOS app, PORTL Android app, PORTL APIs, PORTL embeds, www.portl.com, and other PORTL websites. This Privacy Policy falls under our Terms of Use, highlighting how we gather, utilize, and share your details.


Information You Provide to PORTL

You share information with us through various text fields, for instance, your name, payment credentials, and perks. Depending on your actions - creating an account, becoming a Member, subscribing, or other engagements - we'll need specific details. These usually encompass:

  First and last name/surname

  Email address

  Phone number



  Country and state/province of residence


Further, you can enhance your public profile by adding information such as your location, social media handles, and a brief about section.



A Member is someone who subscribes or makes purchases on PORTL, receiving special perks from their beloved creators. As a Member, you share your payment information with our associated payment platforms. View their Privacy Policies on Apple, PayPal, Stripe, and Checkout websites. We save your payment card's expiration date and postal code but not the entire number. Instead, we utilize a service to generate a token signifying your card number.


If you opt for payment methods like PayPal that necessitate personal data, they might share those details with us.


The information we compile includes your subscriptions, offerings, and perks. If your selected offering has a physical reward, you may be asked for your shipping details. We might also determine your location based on the shared country, IP address, or payment card details.



Creators set up pages on PORTL to connect with Members who subscribe or purchase offerings in support of the creator's work. As a creator, you'll need to detail your offerings and the benefits provided. To get payouts, you must create an account with one of our payment partners: PayPal, Stripe, or Payoneer. Sharing personal data with them may lead to them sharing it with us. Other necessary information includes:

  Email address

  Phone number



  First and last name/surname

  Business name


  Social security number or employer identification number

  Country of citizenship

  Tax identification number, company registration number, or VAT number

  Date and place of birth

  Nonprofit registration number (if you're a nonprofit)

  Bank details

  Copies of ID and proof of residency


Additional Information We Collect

Automatically Collected Data

Even without an account, when you interact with PORTL, we gather information. For example, when visiting www.portl.com or engaging with a PORTL email, the details we might automatically access include:

  IP address

  Approximate location (usually from IP)

  Browser/device type

  Operating system

  Language settings

  Referring page and its parameters

  Mobile carrier

  Device data (like device and app IDs)

  Search terms

  Clicked links

  Visited pages or loaded creations

  Session duration and time spent on media

  Cookie details (elaborated in our Cookie Policy)


Messages and Comments on PORTL

When you send or receive messages or when you post or are mentioned in comments or messages on PORTL, we collect the contents of those messages and comments, as well as information about related activity, including the timestamp of those messages and comments and who has viewed those messages or comments.


Information Collected by Third Parties Cookies

Third parties may use cookies on our website. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for further details on the use of cookies on PORTL. You can view and modify your cookie preferences for portl.com in your browser settings.


Social Media Features

We might use social media products and features on PORTL, like Facebook and Reddit Share button, and other similar interactive mini-programs. They might collect your IP address, other personal data, and read or set cookies. These features are either third-party-hosted or hosted directly on PORTL. Please refer to the respective privacy policies of these third parties:









How We Use Information

We utilize the information we gather to:

  Adhere to industry standards, self-regulatory guidelines, US laws, and international regulations, including tax reporting.

  Authenticate your identity.

  Allow you to sign into your account.

  Enable you to subscribe to creators, buy subscriptions, and available offerings on PORTL.

  Process payments and disbursements.

  Deliver benefits and offerings.

  Send notifications and messages as per your preferences.

  Provide customer support.

  Promote your PORTL account and creator page.

  Personalize your experience on PORTL.

  Market PORTL services to you and similar audiences.

  Organize and customize events.

  Analyze how you use PORTL.

  Improve PORTL and develop new features.

  Prevent fraud, abuse, and illegal activities on PORTL.

  Accommodate disabilities upon notification.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we're committed to safeguarding your personal information.


Information Shared with PORTL Members

When you subscribe, purchase a membership, or engage with a creator's offerings on PORTL, or become a Member of a creator in any way, you are agreeing to share personal data with that creator. The information shared may include:

  Your full name as it appears in your PORTL profile.

  Your email address.

  Other information from your PORTL profile, such as your avatar image.

  Your physical address, including city, state/province, and country, if you choose a membership or offering with a physical benefit and provide shipping information.

  Your phone number if you engage with creators via text messages or choose a membership or offering with a physical benefit that requires shipping, or when you sign up for event notifications via text.

  Information about your pledge, including the amount and start date (but not your full payment card information).

  Aggregated data related to your use of PORTL, such as post views, video views, and video view duration.

We may occasionally invite you to participate in surveys related to specific creators on PORTL. For instance, when you subscribe, make a purchase, or cancel a subscription, you may have the option to participate in a survey related to that decision. By participating in such surveys, you agree to share your responses, which may include personal data like your full name and email address, with the creator associated with the survey.


When you use PORTL to send messages to other users, including creators, the contents of those messages will be shared with the recipients you select.

PORTL upholds a Data Processing Agreement, known as the Creator Privacy Promise, which governs how creators are allowed to process the information shared with them. This agreement outlines a creator's commitment to safeguarding the privacy of their Members during and after their PORTL relationship. You can access the Creator Privacy Promise here. (should this be linked??)

As part of managing a creator page and memberships on PORTL, creators may utilize third-party services. These third parties might host creations or facilitate benefits, including shipping packages to Members. Consequently, creators may share Member personal data with these third-party services or allow Members to share personal data with them to receive benefits or participate in memberships or related events. PORTL's app directory offers information about many of these third-party services, although creators may also use other services. It's essential to review the privacy policies of these third-party services to understand how they collect, use, and share personal data.

Information Shared with PORTL Communities

When you subscribe, purchase a membership, or engage with a creator's offerings on PORTL, create a creator page yourself, or interact with a creator in any way, you are becoming a part of a PORTL community associated with that creator. This community consists of the creator and individuals who have subscribed to, purchased a membership or offering on PORTL, or otherwise engaged with the creator. You agree to share personal data with this community, which may include:

  Your full name as it appears in your PORTL profile for that specific community.

  Your avatar image from your PORTL profile for that community.

  Your biographical description from your PORTL profile for that community.

  Any connected social media accounts in your PORTL profile for that community.

  Information related to your subscription, membership tier, or recurring payments associated with the creator within that community.

  Details about the offerings you've purchased on PORTL from the creator within that community.

  The duration of your support for the creator within that community, including the date you initially purchased an offering or started each subscription or membership tier.

  Information about the PORTL communities you and the person viewing your community profile both belong to.

  Chat rooms on PORTL in which you and the person viewing your community profile are or have been present.

  Your status within that community, including awards, badges you've received, and any moderator or other roles you hold.


This personal data may be displayed in your community profile, which may contain more information than your public profile and is visible to fellow community members. You can find additional information about the personal data that may be shared with PORTL communities, including community profiles, and the controls you have over that data in our Help Center. If you disable your community profile in your settings, your public profile, which is described below, may be visible to fellow community members.

When you interact with a post, such as commenting, liking, reacting, joining chat rooms, sending chat messages, expressing interest in events, or participating in event experiences, you are visible to the corresponding sections of the PORTL communities associated with those actions. Comments, messages, likes, and reactions in community spaces are visible to the associated PORTL community, and community members who later join the relevant community space may access the full history of comments, messages, likes, and reactions. For example, chat messages sent to a community chat room or community event experience are visible to the sections of that community associated with the chat room or event. Similarly, comments, likes, and reactions related to a post visible to a community are visible to the sections of that associated community that can see that post. If the visibility of a post or community space changes later, the visibility of the associated comments, messages, likes, and reactions may also change accordingly.


Information Shared with the Public

The following information may be publicly accessible or shared with the general public, and you can find more details in our Help Center:

• Aggregated and non-personal data, including aggregated usage data, in blog posts, press releases, or other ways to share information about PORTL's usage and business.

  Comments, likes, and other reactions inherit the visibility of the associated post or message. Comments, likes, and reactions on public posts or messages are public, while those on posts or messages with limited visibility are visible to the audience of users to whom the author has made the post or message available. If a non-public post or message becomes public later, the comments, likes, and reactions on that post or message may also become public.

For Members:

  Your public PORTL profile, including your username, avatar image, and the date you created your PORTL account.

  Social media accounts you've linked to your PORTL account.

  Your public biographical description if you've added one to your PORTL account.

  If your full public profile setting is enabled, information about the creators you support, the date you started supporting them, the subscription, membership tier, or other recurring payment for each creator, the posts you've liked, and the comments you've made.


For Creators:

  Your public PORTL profile, including your username, avatar image, the date you created your PORTL account, and location information you've provided.

  Social media accounts you've linked to your PORTL account.

  Your public biographical description if you've added one to your PORTL account.

  If your full public profile setting is enabled, information about the creators you support, the date you started supporting them, the subscription, membership tier, or other recurring payment for each creator, the posts you've liked, and the comments you've made.

  The contents of your creator page, including a description, descriptions of your membership tiers, post titles, creator page goals, shop details, and offering information.

  If your Memberage visibility setting is enabled, the number of Members subscribed to your creator page.

  If your earnings visibility setting is enabled, the amount of money earned on PORTL from your creator page.

  The contents


Your Preferences and Control over Your Data


Choosing Your Preferences

On www.portl.com, you can access your settings in the upper right user navigation panel after you log in to your PORTL account. In PORTL's mobile apps, you can access your settings by clicking on your avatar or profile. These settings allow you to view and customize your account preferences, including privacy preferences. You can also manage your cookie preferences for your current browser on www.portl.com.

Opting out of Marketing


As a PORTL member, you have the option to opt out of marketing communications at any time by adjusting your preferences. You can do this in your account settings.


Opting out will stop marketing emails and SMS/MMS where applicable. Please allow up to 30 days for your opt-out request to be processed. If you have an account with PORTL, you will continue to receive service-related emails and texts if you have opted in to receive texts. You will also continue to receive service-related shipments of benefits to your designated delivery address.


We may collaborate with third-party advertising partners to promote our services. You have the ability to opt out of interest-based advertising on your current browser from partners who adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance's Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising at https://optout.aboutads.info.


Turning Off Email Notifications

You can manage your email notifications in your email settings. While this allows you to stop receiving many notification emails, please note that we will still send other service-related emails.


Controlling Your Data

We empower our Members to:

  Access the personal data collected by PORTL.

  Correct or rectify any personal data they believe is inaccurate.

  Restrict or object to the processing of their personal data.

  Delete their personal data.

  Transport their personal data.


You can perform these actions on PORTL through the following methods:

  Access, review, modify, and update your data by logging in to your account at PORTL and visiting your account settings.

  Access your personal data, request data portability, or initiate data deletion by clicking on the "Make a Privacy Request" button at the PORTL Privacy Center.

  Request the deletion of a previously-disabled account by emailing PORTL at [email protected].

  Make use of the preferences and opt-out options as described above.


If you encounter issues logging in to your account or recovering your account through a password reset in order to file a privacy request, you can reach out to [email protected]. Please be aware that we retain the right to decline access to or recovery of an account, at our sole discretion, to prevent unauthorized takeovers or unauthorized access to your personal data.


Verification of Requests

Most users maintain password-protected accounts with PORTL. When submitting a request to exercise your privacy rights, you will be required to verify the request by logging in to your PORTL account or by using another suitable method to verify your identity.


In the event that we are unable to adequately verify your request at our sole discretion, we reserve the right to deny the request to safeguard against unauthorized access to personal data.