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Theodor Elfving

Welcome to my channel! Here you will find me singing and playing the guitar. My name is Theodor but everyone calls me Theo. I’ve been…


Donations are always appreaciated – but never feel like you have to! Thank you so much for supporting my stream! Donations are not a purchase,…


Hi guys! I’m Noelle dos Anjos. I’m a guitarist & vocalist from Brazil, currently based in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been playing guitar since 2009 and…


Hi I am Ruby! A UK based on a mission to help people and put smiles on peoples faces. Starting my journey by helping myself…


Hello it’s Luna! I’m a bear and I sing and play games. Proud Mum to Cocaine. Full-time streaming since Feb ’20 Often known as Bear…


Hi! I’m Jonny Kuik and I’m a Pianist from the UK who loves covering music especially from video games, anime and movies! I love sharing…

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Hi, my name’s Kero. I’m an artist from Bulgaria. Things i strem: -Art -Rainbow 6 siege -Rocket League -Risk of Rain 2 -Party games on…


Level 41 human, Special abilities include drawing, painting, gaming, mumbling, dancing awkwardly and tomfoolery.


Any character you can find or dream of is possible. Or I can even dream one for you. It can literally be anything. I’m your…


Hello! My name is Sean McAfee. I have gone by Brushforhire painting and doing commission work for over twenty years. I am located in Pennsylvania,…

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My name is Ricardo (25), I am a hardcore Counter-Strike competitive veteran. I have attended many LANs and competed in offline tournaments featured in HLTV.org…

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Starting time: June 8, 2020 at 7:00 pm


Starting time: June 15, 2020 at 7:00 pm

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