Hello! My name is Chris, and I'm a professional freelance cellist and bassist in the Southern CA area. I've been playing for over twenty years, ranging from classical concerts to rock bands to singer/songwriters, and have been very fortunate and lucky to call it my career. Be sure to say hello in chat and make a song request! I do have a !songlist that you can make requests from (command = !sr). I am updating it constantly! A live learn is a song that's (most likely) not in my songlist. A Live Learn is a $5 minimum donation to my channel (500 bits is also acceptable). You attach a link to the song that you'd like for me to learn (YouTube, Spotify, sheet music website, etc.) in the comment section of your donation. After listening to it for a minute I play through the WHOLE song, once, or if I can't play it, the requester may offer a substitute Live Learn. AND! If I like it enough, it might just end up in my songlist ;) Please keep your request under 6 minutes! If you're a subscriber to my channel you get a FREE VIP request that can go towards a Live Learn!