Over the past X years, Eryk D. Radical has been arrested for playing his trombone in the Atlanta metro area over 20 times. He has been stopped over 500 times by police and interactions including physical assaults, K-9 searches, and irreparable damage to the 40+ year old trombone he inherited from his father.  Eryk is a father, husband, and professional street musician who has performed around the world and on stages with legends like Jay-z and Rakim, along with local artist like 2 Chainz?. Yet the harassment and brutality from several police departments prevents him from playing in his own community. Trapbone is a multidimensional, polysemic word that describes a style, an instrument, and a man. Eryk D. Radical developed trapbone as a musical technique in response to the gaping void in contemporary music left by the popularization of synthetic instrumentation. As a traveling street musician, Eryk discovered limited opportunities available to the abundance of college-educated musicians; a highly skilled constituency within the poor community; and distasteful police practices towards marginal groups. Not only did these police practices expose tendencies towards abuse within police departments, it identified particularly susceptible communities, music students. Therefore, Eryk designed trapbone as a strategy to equip musicians with ways to participate in and become fixtures of an increasingly globalized culture and economy. Trapbone combines high classical techniques, jazz improvisation, trap rhythms, and southern band culture. As a philosophy, trapbone also engages Black Radical Thought as a framework for attaining and sustaining liberation. Eryk D. Radical is Trapbone.