TJ Brown

Hello! I'm TJ Brown. I'm a singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia and currently living in Los Angeles! I perform, write songs, and play games. You may have seen me performing at the 2016 and 2017 League of Legends World Championships. Music streams happen here, sometimes gaming and IRL streams as well! :)

Song Requests

Song requests in this stream are handled using Streamer Songlist! Donation requests take priority by amount donated. Recommended donation for a song request is $5, but any amount is appreciated :) My Songlist LIVE LEARNS - If you want me to learn a song that is not on my songlist live on stream, I can do so for $15. I do up to four live learns per stream. Live learns will take place when I see fit, as sometimes they can break the momentum of the stream. Keep the songs under 5 minutes and nothing TOO crazy :P If your live learn request is really out there I may decline, so have a second option ready