Tenley Wallace

Tenley Wallace

Tenley is a Midwife for Women’s Transformation, with her primary vehicles being dance, yoga, embodiment practices, and ancient yogini wisdom from India, Tibet, and Nepal.

For the past 20+ years, Tenley has been developing Temple Tribal Fusion® as a multi-disciplinary system for awakening and empowering women, with the goal of self-mastery and vitalization of Body - Energy - Heart - Mind.

Tenley has had the great fortune to study with dance and yoga legends around the world, enabling her to become a messenger for these traditions. TTF® fuses Tribal Belly Dance, Indian Classical Dance, Persian Classical and Folkloric, and other Sacred Dance lineages, with Yogic Practices and Principles as the foundation. This complete body-mind-energy system enables women to expand into their fullest potential and radiant health.

In 2002, she began extensive and in depth study of various modalities for transformation, healing, self-realization, 1-on-1 mentoring. Her life’s journey, challenges, and victories are included amongst her most significant teachers for her signature 1-on-1 Self-Mastery Mentorships.

She is passionate for traveling the world, gathering women in person to teach, perform, and invoke the Temple and Yogini Embodiment Experiences through the principles and practices of Temple Tribal Fusion®.