Steven Halpern

Halpern’s paradigm-shifting approach to composing mindful, brain-balancing music nurtures body, mind and spirit. His recordings tune the chakras, balance our electromagnetic biofield, and launched a “Quiet Revolution” in modern music that builds upon ancient traditions. Through hundreds of articles and books, Tuning the Human Instrument (1977) and Sound Health  (1985), Steven introduced healing music to the holistic medicine and massage therapy fields. He was the first to identify the hidden stressful factors (Scalus Interruptus Syndrome) inherent in most music. Landmark brainwave biofeedback and Kirlian photography research in ***1973, 1977 and 1999 confirm the effectiveness of his recordings. His TV and radio appearances, mainstream and New Age media coverage helped millions of meditators and non-meditators tune in to the healing power of sound and music. Reaching into corporate wellness programs, schools, hospitals and the ADHD community. Steven is perhaps best known for his ground-breaking SPECTRUM SUITE (now CHAKRA SUITE) celebrating its 45th anniversary, which creates a unique morphic resonance (100th Monkey Effect) of healing frequencies every time the music is heard, whether on CD, MP3 or streaming. Halpern’s Grammy™ nominated DEEP ALPHA is a best-selling brainwave entrainment album, currently at 30 weeks on the Billboard Top Ten New Age chart. SOUND HEALING 432 Hz provides a career retrospective. Steven is currently writing his memoir, with insights on creating magic in the recording studio.