SIMRIT is creating waves with packed theaters and concert halls, chart-topping albums, and raving fans… all powering a palpable musical movement. Transcending genres, the SIMRIT experience centers around lead singer-songwriter, Simrit Kaur.

An orphan born in Athens, Greece, adopted by Greek-Americans into South Carolina as a toddler, she comes from a long line of Greek matriarchal singers that span from her birth mother to her great grandmother, famous Greek singer and actress Tula Demetriou.  At only 16 years old, Simrit’s birth mother was forced by her family to give Simrit for adoption. Over time, growing up steeped in the rich musical traditions of many cultures, Simrit’s own musical sensibilities emerged from a multiplicity of diverse influences starting with the dark, heavy, and mystical chanting of the Greek Orthodox church choir, in which she sang starting at age five. During this same time period, Simrit began studying piano, where her piano teacher simultaneously instructed her in snare drum. Later, she studied West African drumming, and toured with the Odunde Drumming Company during her education at College of Charleston in South Carolina.

Roots Reggae, R&B, The Grateful Dead, Motown, Mazzy Star, Led Zeppelin, among many others — including the traditional Greek music she was steeped in daily growing up —  proved deeply influential as Simrit emerged her unique sound.  Her studies in traditional Greek dance from grade school through the end of high school proved to be just as influential, as Simrit studied and danced a variety of different time signatures and rhythms that the traditional Greek dances were performed in while also learning to sing those songs.

Simrit’s musical education is rich and diverse. From singing in the Orthodox church starting in grade school, all the way through high school where she studied vocal performance at University of South Carolina with her childhood piano teacher, and then immersing herself in the classical Indian systems of music. She is known for her voice reverberating a sound that is simultaneously ancient and fresh. Decades of study and experimentation with Kundalini yoga deepened Simrit’s relationship to the quantum technology of Naad Yoga (the ancient science of using sound to impact the brain’s neural pathways and chemicals and elicit altered states of reality), the effects of which deeply influence her music.

Alongside her band, Simrit creates vibrationally powerful and healing music to impact both positive internal & external change. Inspired by her ancient Greek and Egyptian lineages and her love of slow and vintage fashion, before each tour Simrit collaborates with visual artists to design headpieces and dresses with influences from her ancient lineages to wear on stage — each commanding a strong presence and invoking incredible power.