Sianna Sherman and Masood Ali Khan

Sianna Sherman (she/her) has been an international yoga teacher, training tens of thousands of students and teachers, for nearly three decades. As the visionary of Rasa Yoga Collective, Mythic Yoga Flow®, and RITUAL, Sianna shares her voice in the way of community and collaboration. She is a gifted storyteller and awakens the imagination through the language of the soul. Dedicated to social justice activism, anti-racism, unpacking her own white privilege, shadow work, mantra, and Tantric yoga philosophy, Sianna brings a genuine presence to every offering with humility, devotion, and deep care for the collective. In addition, she has extensive training in bodywork, functional anatomy, wildcrafting, emotional intelligence, and earth-based wisdom. She leads Rasa Yoga teacher trainings online, alchemical arts for sacred sisterhood online, and is the co-host of the Fearless Heart Activation series with her beloved, Masood Ali Khan, to inspire courageous conversations and brave space for real transformation in these times. Masood Ali Khan is a unique musician of prayer. A pioneer for singing mantras with the hand pan, holding a ceremonial space for a meditative, uplifting experience utilizing a mesmerizing combination of the hand pans and sacred mantras, infused with the power of the heart and mind's healing potential to help humanity. His sonic intention is "Music as Medicine"; he has released three acclaimed music albums with a merging of cultures with captivating melodies and mantras to inspire and heal. For over 25 years connected to yoga, teaching meditation, and universal energy techniques as head of the faculty for MEL Universal Energy at the Open International University of Complementary Medicine in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and now utilizing shadow work with sacred masculine empowerment and earth guardianship. Masood created Connection to Creation and The Rasa Heart Warrior Mens Group and is a believer in love for the earth and humanity.