Shai Shriki (Israel/Australia)

Shai Shriki (Israel) Vocalist, Oud & Guitar player composer and writer of contemporary music with traditional sounds from the Middle East, Hebrew songs and Spanish guitar. World music to its wide variety is Shai's passion, mostly writing in Hebrew as his first language but Shai also sings in Arabic, Spanish and Eastern European songs. As a 3rd generation Oud player Shai has always kept his interest in the traditional family legacy of music from Morocco and the Middle East, continuing his grandfather's mastery and mystery of Oud playing and singing. His show is a dynamic musical journey that takes the audience though emotions, time and places, from deep emotions to great joy! Shai believes that the unique sound of traditional instruments and songs invoke strong emotions and the fusion of cultures with sound similarities can be a meeting and bridging place for all people to live in harmony alongside.