Sahida Apsara (Singapore/Australia)

Sahida Apsara is an Australian poet, singer, songwriter, dancer, arts educator and mother. Born in Singapore coming from a half Indian/half Malay ancestry, she left home to travel at 19 before permanently settling in Australia a few years later. Since then, she has received the Victorian Government Multicultural Award for Excellence in community building through the arts. She founded and curated women-led poetry events and fundraising initiatives in Melbourne and received a UNESCO grant to New York for poetry-making. Being a newly-arrived migrant without the support of family, she has had to grapple with identity and belonging, resulting in works that centre around themes of social and racial justice, migration, self-empowerment, healing and love. Most recently, she released an album with producer and husband DUB FX and spends most of her time juggling with creating art and keeping up with her very boisterous toddler and infant.