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Hello, welcome! I’m RobsonBaroli but you can call me Rob! Music graduated, audio engineer, Jiu Jitsu enthusiast, gamer at heart, cat father. I love to chat so don’t hesitate to say “Hi”and to get along. If you wanna know something about me, just ask! I’m here to share good times with you and talk about music, bass and mostly to talk about life. And remember: this is not my channel, this is OUR channel , our BROOOTHERHOOD! If you’re new here, be my guest to join! it’s a pleasure to have you here, bro :

All about the bass!

Pop, Rock, Funk Requests by ear. To see the rules !howto

Ask the mods in case of doubt !modbros

If you really wanna listen to your song type !top.
I appreciate the support.


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