Hi! I'm fern, and I'm a full-time musician/streamer/performer/mom/wife. :D I received my degree in musical theater and performed in that arena professionally for awhile. It was great, but I still never felt like i'd found my "calling". During that time I met and married the love of my life, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and had a child (pretty much all at the same time!). Everything was put on hold for a couple of years as I adjusted to being a mom and living with a chronic illness. Through this difficult time, I turned back to my roots and started writing songs again on my guitar. I used my songwriting as a way to heal, cope, and grow. Once I felt well enough to start performing again I decided to stick with being a singer-songwriter. Performing on stage and in venues is a blast, but streaming on Twitch is where my heart is. The community we've built is a legacy that has become so much bigger than myself, and I just can't believe how blessed I am to be a part of what we've created. I hope you decide to stick around and become part of the welcoming, loving, and hilarious community we call the fernFam!