Raamayan's missions is to support the collective awakening of humanity from paradigm of fear to one of love. In 2012, Raamayan co-founded an organisation called 'Unify' as a means to bring millions of people together in global synchronised meditations for world peace. It has launched 50+ global synchronized campaigns and has evolved into a 2M+ network of change agents collaborating for a better world. Some accomplishments have included breaking Guinness book of world records for worlds largest online meditation and reaching over 3B views in 180+ countries. Raamayan is on the board of Social Venture Circle, a 30+ year impact investment organization that has stewarded over $250M+ into impact related projects. He is currently working on ‘New Earth Manifesto’ which is his thesis for how we make a quantum leap into the next civilizational experiment, and a model called 'Knexus' which is a new economic model for a healed earth. Raamayan is also a serial entrepreneur, founding 'Veme Technologies' as a venture studio to transform our current social media paradigm into an empowering framework for evolution and growth rather than exploitation. He is also the founder Ayana Water which develop and sells advanced water optimisation systems health. He is also a meditation teacher, yogi, published author, musician and poet.