Raamayan Ananda

Raamayan has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 8, where he started his first business on the streets of Hong Kongselling second-hand books and items he would collect from densely packed apartment buildings. Since then, he has exited multiple companies in the e-commerce and health technology sector. In 2013, Raamayan joined a non-profit called Unify who was doing global synchronized meditations around the world. Fascinated by the Maha-rishi studies on amplifying consciousness through collective fields, he helped Unify grow from 5000 to 2 million person community while breaking the Guinness book of world records for the world’s largest online meditation. Raamayan helped grow the family real-estate business, leading to the acquisition of the world’s first license from Turner Broadcasting (now acquired by Warner) for a Cartoon Network Theme Park. This is currently thriving with millions of visitors a year and a unique brand of IP. Raamayan currently is the CEO and Founder of Veme Technologies. VEME is a venture studio focused on building technologies for a new paradigm of social media that empowers co-creativity and democratizes the experience economy. We believe that a redefinition of ‘social media’ is required to steward our shift to a more unified, happy and compassionate world.