Professor S. Huntington at your service, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am an entrepreneur, writer, artist, teacher, philosopher and the proud founder of of a small town built around Penrose Academy, a school for enthusiastic and creative learners. When not in town, I spend my days parading as a Yodeler and Singer at a local Bavarian restaurant. I do hope you may enjoy my little hobby of drawing on a chalkboard Why Chalk? The most wonderful and magical things in this world are a fleeting experience. Nothing is ever as good as a perfect memory. The moments we share together and the knowledge we impart is what lasts the most. Every photo I take of my work, every poem I write, every song I sing, is a moment, a memory. And a live experience of someone elses art is a treasure to me. I hope you can see the same in what I do. If you wish to keep any one of my original artworks, please contact me to comission a piece directly, I am always happy to discuss a project.