Hello it's Luna!

I'm a bear and I sing and play games. Proud Mum to Cocaine. Full-time streaming since Feb '20 Often known as Bear or Princess, Lunz can't contain her anger issues when it comes to gaming. Thus, the BEAR RAGE is born! Note: Bears are usually brave but this one is a little jumpy


Where are you from? I'm from a smol island country in SEA called Singapore. We are known for banning chewing gum. Can you show me your feet please? I'll pay you Pay me first & I'll think about it. Have you taken martial arts before? Nope but I will have no problem doing a roundhouse kick to your face and karate chopping your balls up for my mum's fav pig's organ soup.


Singing 8/10 Overwatch 7/10 GTA V 6/10 Minecraft 5/10 Dota 2 3/10 Any horror games -666/10