Been playing guitar since May 2017 (3 years coming up!). Self-taught from playing Rocksmith and noodling around watching YouTube videos. I hope someday to be decent. My name is Jeff. I was born in Japan, lived in HK for almost 7 years, and currently I live in the midwest USA. I love cooking, music, and video games. I have worked IT for over 8 years and have a honors degree in Computer Science. Most of my stream I am playing guitar on Rocksmith 2014. It is a sight reading game, it is hard to play. Soon I hope to branch out into writing, learning, and improv streams. Fav bands to play include (if I must choose a few): Unleash the Archers, Trivium, Metallica, Rush, Coheed and Cambria, Blink-182, Ghost, Riverside... but I like just about everything from all different genres.