Orot is reviving the ancient traditional songs, inviting the audience to express their inner world through voice, movement and meditation. The experience allows a harmonious and brand new co-creation each time. Orot's music, flows through the depths of silence, and rises to ecstasy and celebration, all wrapped in the simple sensation of unconditional love. Performing original songs alongside ancient tunes from the Jewish tradition, as well as other spiritual movements from around the world, inviting all to sing along and explore mutual harmonies. Uria Tzur is a musician, an entrepreneur and a producer of opening-heart and consciousness events. He is the lead singer of Orot, and the co-producer of Sacred Journey festival in Israel. Uria has large experience in leading and facilitating workshops and group transitional processes. Orka Teppler is a musician, and the lead singer of Orot and ForesTT bands. She also facilitates song singing circles and women circles through vocal journeys. She has taught hundreds of people in workshops around authenticity in singing.