Hi guys! I'm Noelle dos Anjos. I'm a guitarist & vocalist from Brazil, currently based in Berlin, Germany. I've been playing guitar since 2009 and singing/screaming since 2019. Here on Twitch I have the pleasure to share my journey as a musician with amazing people from all over the world. In my streams I play the electric guitar, sing (on Wednesdays), do art (usually linocut pieces) and stream my live concerts! 🖤 Currently I'm playing in two bands:
  • Vocalist & guitarist for Nungara (Original Band)
  • Lead guitarist for AlkoholikA (Metallica tribute band)
I also have a YouTube channel where I post guitar cover videos and other music related stuff, you can check it out here. I hope to grow as a musician and have lots of fun with you guys along the way! :) Thanks for visiting! 🖤
Stream Schedule
Mondays Wednesdays Fridays @ 3pm CET