Nano Stern (Chile)

Nano Stern is a contemporary Latin American roots artist, riding the crest of the new wave of Chilean Song, with a devoted following that stretches out from Chile, into Latin America, north to Mexico, Canada and the USA, over to Europe and down into Australia. He has embarked on a life-long quest to re imagine the tradition and “fill old bottles with new wine”. At the end of an intense 2019 that saw him deeply involved in the social revolts that are shook his country, playing in marches and demonstrations across the land. His song “Regalé mis ojos”, which denounces the brutal repression currently crushing the people of Chile, went viral and has become one of the musical emblems of the revolt. It was written and recorded all in a few hours, in a motel room on his short Australian tour, in the days before he performed at a packed solidarity rally at Federation Square in Melbourne. In 2020, he has two poetry books being published in Chile. His 7th studio album is expected later in the year. Nano's musical virtuosity, mesmerising and charismatic live performances and his passionate and poetic advocacy for social justice result in a true and honest universal message, delivered with intense energy and a high level of musicality, dwelling deeply into tradition whilst being contemporary with the passion of youth.