Maya Chipana

No’qa kani Maya Lazzaro. My name is Maya Lazzaro and I am a Quechua and mixed European warmi (woman).”Maya Lazzaro has spoken at universities, on radio shows, at museums and on the streets during nonviolent direct actions. She has presented at the Smithsonian Museum, at the Af3irm School of Activism, at The New School and Columbia University. She is passionate about water conservation and protection, and regularly speaks and writes about decolonizing indigenous healing wisdom, ecology, and sovereignty. Maya is pursuing her Master’s degree at the University of New Mexico and is a graduate of Eugene Lang college at The New School with a degree in Culture and Media Studies. Asked to speak at community centers in her own neighborhood and at her nieces and nephews schools back home in South America, Maya considers these events to be among her greatest accomplishments. She is fluent in Spanish and English and is currently learning Quechua.