Matt Siegel

Since the fall of 2018, Matt has been master crafting the vision and co-leading the rebirth of The Mushroom Farm property in Pescadero. He is dedicated to the realization of an authentically regenerative and resilient agricultural wonderland; supported by energy, water and food, sovereignty, abundance and revenue generation. At its fullest potential, Matt’s dream for the Mushroom Farm is a regenerative super-producing ag-dustrial park and bio-regional community incubator space, designed to inspire peak human innovation and happiness. He sees a unique transformational environment dedicated to nurturing meaningful connections, and incubating our collective regenerative future. Prior to the Mushroom Farm, Matt co-founded and was the CEO of Envision Festival in Costa Rica, where he spent a decade dedicated to mastering his craft of transformational experience design. He believes that in providing individuals and communities the opportunity to reestablish their inherent human connection with nature, they will instinctively reevaluate their core purpose from an internal place free of social conditioning and align with their highest inspiration.