MaryAnne Howland

MaryAnne Howland is a culturally inclusive communications specialist and serves a portfolio of clients in pursuit of transformation from corporate social responsibility to corporate social significance. Through her global network, she helps to build and leverage movement platforms to fan the mission of justice equity, diversity, inclusion and sustainability. They include her own enterprises, Ibis Communications, Global Diversity Leadership Exchange, and THIS!, a new fashion line for people with different bodies. MaryAnne is co-founder of J.E.D.I. Collaborative, board member of the American Sustainable Business Council and Chair of the ASBC Race and Equity Working Group, and serves on the Advisory Board for American Promise. MaryAnne also is a proud mother and advocate for persons with disabilities. With her new book, Warrior Rising: How Four Men Helped a Boy on His Journey to Manhood, MaryAnne has founded to fuel the movement to traditionalize rites of passage for boys and girls, and to support a community dialogue about parenting and mentorship.