Martine Kraft

Martine Kraft is an acclaimed Norwegian artist and composer. She has been on stages around the world with her own material for over a decade, and delivers compositions to a huge number of ceremonial occasions. Martine combines her traditional nordic sounds with raw power and haunting, dreamlike soundscapes. As well as being a virtuoso hardingfiddle player, she is a talented composer with a unique voice. Martine Kraft was born in the capitol Oslo, but spent most of her childhood in the beautiful mountain village Lom. She now she lives in the city Gjøvik. Her unique vocal and outstanding fiddle playing has syenrgized into a complex soundscape where she has created her own musical universe. As a composer and multi-instrumentalist she has a strong artistic foundation that combined with her characteristic performance expresses a total package you rarely experience. Martine unites tradition and innovation, both wild and beautiful. “Not since Griegs “Into the hall of the mountain king” has anything as mysterious and powerful been delivered from a norwegian artist” - The Newspaper of Trondheim The debut album Hidden Shore (2009) sold to every continent of the world and confirmed her unique appeal worldwide, and since then she has worked to establish a bigger audience and a wider route for touring. She attracted attention as a guest artist with Billy Falcon and the Sowing Circle as they opened for Bon Jovi at the Ullevaal Stadium in front of 32,000 spectators. In 2011 she was the main composer and artist during the annual dragon festival in Krakow with a staggering audience of 60,000.
 She is also relevant in a number of Norwegian festivals this summer in addition to touring with several top Norwegian artists. Throughout July she is to be found in the show Troll Night in the large norwegian tourist attraction Hunderfossen family park.