Mark Gerzon

Mark Gerzon is president of Mediators Foundation and co-founder of the Bridge Alliance. His ost recent book, The Reunited States of America, draws a powerful profile of the democracy reform movement that is seeking to revitalize democracy. The feature-length documentary film The Reunited States, inspired by his book, will be released later this year. Ever since he designed and facilitated the Bipartisan Congressional Retreats in the 1990s, he has worked on the frontier between Left and Right to promote collaborative, creative policymaking. During the past three decades, Mediators Foundation has partnered with a wide variety of foundations spanning the political spectrum and is now a highly respected incubator of start-up projects for bridging the political divide. An experienced facilitator in high-conflict zones, he has advised a wide variety of organizations both domestically (US House of Representatives) and internationally (UNDP). For the past year, his work has included a focus on threats to the election and other democratic institutions, as reflected in his recently published editorial Disrupting the Presidential Debates (The Hill, 9/2/2020.) His commitment to peaceful, constructive conflict resolution led him to create the Conflict Transformation Collaborative, a global network to magnify the voices of the world's peacemakers. This aspect of his work is chronicled more fully in his books Leading Through Conflict and Global Citizens.