Magdalena Satori

Magdalena Sartori is creator of powerful blueprints and spaces that help humanity remember its highest expression. She is also on a mission to honor and expand the space of the Yin, the Feminine, the intelligence of our bodies and their connection to the Moon realms. She co-founded, managed and creatively directed the creation and expansion of The Assemblage, an innovative hospitality concept of community, coworking and living spaces in New York City, with a total of $600M real estate operating in New York City, which mission is to "create containers for self-transformation and remind every individual of the spark of light that they have inside." [vc_row][vc_column][scb title="MORE LIKE THIS" parent_column_size="" number="100" items_per_page="3" posttype="ct_actor" condition_other_posttype="title" order="ASC" ids="25797,25510,25696,26156,26753,25683,26050,25525,25534,25702,25507,25568,25531,25688,25808,25936,25713,25522,25504,25513,25805,25583,25828,25611,25889,25516,25519,25836,26059,25602,25710,25619,25617,25574,25580,25589,25586,25849,25719,25592,25608,25595,25613,25615,25598,26067,26063,25605,25874,25833,25818,25842,25812,25537,25540,26165,25821,25577,25883,26557,26526,25801,25839,25815,26554"][/scb][/vc_column][/vc_row]