Lucinda Drayton

Lucinda Drayton is a musician, speaker, counselor and teacher who wrote her first song at age six and has been writing ever since. Her music creates a sound imbued with beauty and depth that could enhance spiritual awareness and transformation. Her own transformation and experiences lead to the creation of the seminal album A Hundred Thousand Angels (written and produced with Andrew Blissett) which is played all over the world in many different contexts with the title song becoming a classic in the fields of healing and spirituality. Lucinda is invited all over the world to perform at gatherings of world leaders, at peace conferences and in numerous spiritual centers. She sings from the heart, to the heart, and her work is dedicated to raising human awareness. Her personal journey has also led her to train as a counselor. She is continually seeking to deepen her understanding of the human psyche and how to alleviate struggle and support people to suffer less. Lucinda is passionate about empowering the self and using meditation and music to access the divine. Her ability to create sacred space with her presence and her voice is powerful and yet accessible.