Loretta “Afraid of Bear” Cook

Loretta, a Lakota Elder, is committed to ensuring the world is a better place for her grandchildren. She is a keeper of her culture and the female Sundance Leader for the Afraid of Bear/American Horse Sundance. Fluent in Lakota, Loretta serves as cultural specialist for The Fountain, and is the only representative who speaks both languages perfectly on the board of the Paha Sapa Unity Alliance Black Hills Reparation, another organization with which she is affiliated. Loretta carries an enormous mission: gathering and presenting to the Obama White House a consensus for the return of the stewardship of the Black Hills to the peoples of The Great Sioux Nation. Loretta holds that consensus: “The Black Hills are not for sale. We want all the unseated lands in the Black Hills returned to the nine tribes of The Great Sioux Nation.” She also sits on a number of international boards including the Running Strong Foundation, The Sacred Healing Circle and the Black Hills Unity Alliance.