Lizz Vega

I'm a Self Taught Musician from Los Angeles. I became a musician in 2015. I taught myself how to play the Guitar, Harp, Piano and how to sing. I am a strong believer that you can do anything you set your mind to. My mission is to show you that believing in yourself is a repercussion of self expression. My whole life I've known a world without music and without my truest form of communication with how I was feeling. Before becoming a musician I viewed my emotions as a weakness, something to be repressed and ashamed of. I viewed strength as moving forward without a witness to who I really was as a person. Independence from burdening people with my baggage, was my way of concealing the fact that I simply didn't know how to express myself. I was unaware of these tools that were always so close but far too intangible. To Believe that art was this thing you were born with and unlucky were those of us who were too blind to see that art is the revolution we all reach and the Freedom we all seek . Art, Love , Passion , Music, Dance, Expression, FREEDOM has many forms and it is our human right to become them to become ourselves. To finally know who we are, without shame, and without guilt for our thoughts. Art is unbiased and welcomes all people and I want this stream to represent that. A place to remind you of all that you can be if you just allow yourself to feel and simply be yourself.