Livi in the Middle

Hi, welcome to our stream, we are Livi In The Middle and three piece covers band based in England, West Sussex. We have been streaming for over 3 years and over the last year we have been fortunate enough to quit our jobs and focus all our time into Twitch. As Twitch is our main source of income (aside from a few live gigs here and there), unless we have a goal up any money made from stream will go on paying bills etc. Our main goal of this stream is to entertain our viewers by allowing them to take control of our live playlist. Viewers can request tracks from our songlist using our 'Request Form' and this will automatically add their chosen song to the playlist. Thanks for visiting our stream, we hope you enjoy listening to our music!


Ant - Keyboardist/Pianist Livi - Vocalist/Bass Mike - Guitarist and Percussionist Our first Original is now out on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and all the other Music Streaming/Download sites. iTunes Spotify Amazon Music Panel Content
  • Keep chat as nice as possible
  • Be respectful to the streamer and each other
  • No racism and politics
  • No links (Unless stated otherwise)
  • Enjoy the Stream!