Lily Z

Hi, I'm Lily Z (pronounced "ZEE"). I am a singer-songwriter from New Zealand living in Sydney, Australia aspiring to become a full-time musician. Music is my passion and a way of connecting with others. I started music performance in high school and put it aside when I went to university to study business. I've revived my passion this year because music makes me so happy and I want to share that with like-minded people. My repertoire consists of popular songs from various artists. For a full list of songs click here (this is regularly updated with more songs). Join my live stream to request a song, sing along, have a laugh, chat and get to know others! Here to share good vibes :)  
  • Wed 1pm (AEST) = Tues 8pm (PST)
  • Fri 1pm (AEST) = Thurs 8pm (PST)
  • Sun 1pm (AEST) = Sat 8pm (PST)
Add me on Discord for updates and more.