What's up, my name is Lark. I'm based in Southern California and have a love for early mornings &Red Bull; with a passion for mental health and self-actualization. My background is in Business Marketing and Sports &Entertainment, with studies in consumer behavior and psychology. I started getting into playing with music in 2018 after I was spontaneously gifted a small DJ controller; I fell in love and haven't looked back. Since then, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of music creation and have dove into instruments and production. I use Twitch as a way to perform and document my musical journey. I have only performed for Twitch. Acknowledging that I got a "late start" into music (compared to most musicians) I'm motivated to show my progression, including my failures, to potentially help other aspiring musicians to keep going- no matter your age or your current musical knowledge. I'm an Open Format DJ, which means I play multiple genres. I'm like a club meets a confused house party. My goal isn't to nail my transitions, or make the set list sound flawless, it's to have fun and to make sure everyone else is having fun. PARENTS: I do have kids that watch me, but some of the music I play may not be suited for them. Friday's and Saturday's tend to be a little more "clubby", compared to Thursday's where it has more of a "dancy" relaxed vibe. MONDAYS & THURSDAYS: 12 PM PST FRIDAYS: 1 PM PST; FESTIE FRIDAY We start the party here, and then head to MOOSEMUSICC at 4PM, then AMPLEX at 7PM SATURDAYS: 1 PM PST