Melissa Lamm

Welcome to my channel! My name is Melissa Lamm and I am singer, songwriter and producer from Toronto, Canada. On my channel, you can catch me performing chill covers of pop songs and originals! Usually streams will be either covers with singing and my piano, or just instrumental piano covers. Check my schedule to see what I'm up to today. I'm all about chill vibes and positivity, and I hope my streams leave you feeling happy and positive! For business inquiries and collaboration inquiries ONLY, please email: Tips are never necessary, but always appreciated! Tips help to improve my channel, and support me as I record and release new music. Tips of $1.00 or more (or 100 bits) will get you a priority request. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated! My upcoming single and entire upcoming EP are fully funded by our amazing Twitch community. Thank you for supporting me and believing in my music <3 Important: By tipping and completing the transaction, you hereby certify that you are the rightful owner of the funds being tipped. Tips cannot be withdrawn or charged back. I always post my weekly schedule on my website, and on Discord. Usually I am live Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am EST (PIANO) and 5pm EST (SINGING). "Going Live" announcements are also posted on Discord.