Karen Drucker

I truly feel like everything happens for a purpose.
I grew up in Hollywood – Laurel Canyon – and it feels like it was divine destiny that Carole King would move a few doors down and I would become the baby-sitter for her two small children. I was 15, kind of a nerd with braces, acne, and straightening my curly hair every day. One day I came home from school and Carole’s piano was in my bedroom. She was remodeling her house and needed a place to store it for a few months. That was my opening to pursue my dream of being a singer/songwriter just like her. I taught myself how to play piano, wrote cheesy, teenage-angst-songs and fell in love with music. When I went to Hollywood High I discovered acting, comedy, and the joy of being on stage. I idolized Carol Burnett and dreamed of being a musical comedy actress. After high school I moved to San Francisco to go to school but also to develop my act in the comedy clubs.
I played piano, sang, and did comedy anywhere I could – bars, nightclubs, comedy clubs, hot dog stand openings. You name it I would be there! I started playing private parties and leading bands singing “Evergreen” and “New York New York.” Not my idea of fame but hey, it paid the rent!
Then one day a friend asked for me to sub for her at a New Thought church. I had no idea what this was about but it was a job on a Sunday morning and she said “just sing a few happy songs and you’ll be fine.” Singing at that church was a huge turning point for me. Who knew that singing at that church would lead me to the life I lead today: speaking and singing my original songs at New Thought churches around the country, facilitating women’s retreats, being a keynote speaker at mind-body-health conferences, and producing 20 CD’s of my inspirational songs. My music is used for people going through cancer treatments, by workshops leaders and authors, and people who tell me that my music inspires and comforts them. I truly do feel that everything happens for a purpose and I am glad that I found mine.