Ka’nahsohon Kevin Deer

Kevin Deer helps to perform the ceremonies, songs, speeches, and dances of the Mohawk people. He lives in Kahnawake Mohawk territory situated on the south shore of Montreal, and has been employed as a school teacher at the Karonhianonhnha Mohawk Immersion School since 1989. In the older traditional teachings in the Longhouse as a Faithkeeper, he is a resource person on Iroquoian world view, philosophy, treaties, land claims, and native-European historical perspectives. He has been deeply involved in the Mohawk language and spiritual revitalization of his nation for the past thirty six years. During the 1990 Oka Crisis he was involved in peace negotiations to try to bring the dispute to a successful resolve between the Iroquois Confederacy, and the Federal and Provincial Government representatives. From the years 2003 to 2006 he was involved with the First Nations Chiefs of Police Association as an Elder. He sat as a community representative on the police commission known as the Peacekeeper Services Board for the past ten years. As a motivational speaker he tries to instill into the younger generation the hope that they can succeed in whatever their goals are in life provided that they remain spiritually grounded and maintain the concept of the “Good Mind.” In September 2015, Kevin was deeply involved in the Bretton Woods iv convocation performing a ritual to help all participants who gathered to try to see, to hear, and to speak more clearly about matters of global financial concern from a native First Nation perspective. In February 2016 he made a presentation at United Nations in New York for World Interfaith Harmony Week on native spirituality. Kevin enjoys discussing life and is always open to learning new ways of knowing.