Julie Nony

Julie Nony is a 25-year veteran with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Julie has worked a variety of assignments throughout the city, some of which include: patrol (Foothill, Central, Rampart, Hollywood) detectives, special problems unit, gang enforcement, police academy physical training/self defense instructor, and community senior lead officer. For the last five years, Julie has dropped all enforcement and dedicated full attention to a citywide community relations team that is committed to relationship building, ongoing working groups with LGBTQ, Muslim, Jewish, clergy, and now multicultural working group. Julie has also connected globally and was asked to participate in a nonviolence seminar in Mumbai, India, interacting with civilian, military, and police from several countries, some of which included: U.S., Germany, Brazil, India, and Australia, to work together in deepening human connection through mediation and emotional intelligence exercises. The project has also engaged with survivors of terrorist bombings and visited Gandhi’s home. Julie has also been working with our Israeli Consulate in assisting Israeli police and military in learning more about community engagement practices. LAPD has continued to build its police reform over the last 27 years and continues to have its dialogues with the many diverse cultures and nonprofits within the community.