Jule Aguirre

Jule Aguirre, MEd, LPC, NCC, is a mind-body psychotherapist and international Nia faculty trainer. Named by ORIGIN Magazine as one of the nation’s TOP “Leaders Who Inspire”, Jule "moves" integrative wellness seekers with her unique approach to blending conscious movement, body-mind awareness, and integrative psychotherapy to dynamically stimulate self actualization, transformation, and healing through her global trainings, classes, workshops, and private sessions. As a licensed and nationally certified psychotherapist, Jule has the education, training, and experience to masterfully integrate the wisdom of The Nia Technique’s somatic movement practice with her psychotherapeutic skill to form an integrative program of wellness, personal growth, empowerment, and healing to people living with anxiety, depression, grief, compassion fatigue, trauma, short and long-term illness, and chronic pain. Jule is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, serving worldwide.