Jonathan Granoff

Jonathan Granoff, student, attorney, screenwriter, author, peace advocate, law professor, serving as President of Global Security Institute (GSI), Representative to the UN of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, Chair Task Force on Nuclear Nonproliferation of American Bar Association International Law Section, Amb. Parliament of World Religions for Peace, Security and Nuclear Disarmament. Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences. Expert testimony before US Congress and parliaments of the UK and Canada and United Nations Secretary General’s Disarmament Advisory Board. Nobel Peace Prize Nominee for 2014. Recipient numerous awards, including, Rutgers University Law School 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award; American Bar Association Section of International Law and Practice 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award, International Film & TV Festival of New York 1990 Silver Medal for Our Constitution: The Document that Created a Nation. Studied since youth with Sufi Saint Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, recipient of his namesake Ahamed Muhaiyaddeen.