Irene Atkins (IA)

Irene Atkins (also known as IA or “The Futuristic Mystic”) is a multidimensional designer, investor, and musician on a mission to shift the global consciousness through the powerful vehicles of venture, design, art, science, technology, culture, and conscious capital. Irene works at the intersection of futurism and human life, and is the founding partner at New Mindfulness, a futurist foundry that designs, funds, and scales iconic, paradigm-shifting consumer tech ventures primed for mass adoption and global ubiquity. Irene and her partners at New Mindfulness radically build new ventures that leverage futuristic technologies to create evolved human experiences for the majority of the population. Ultimately, it is Irene’s natural gift of claircognizance and extraordinary life journey of mystical and near-death experiences, childhood poverty, intellectual giftedness, solo parenthood, and world travel that fuels her to build and fund movements dedicated to creating a more sustainable, equitable, and fulfilling future for us all.