My name is Holly/Holls/decktheHolls. I’m an awkward 16-year-old-looking 31-year-old newly living and streaming from Colorado – where you will find me laughing at my own jokes and crying from happiness because I’m finally reunited with my dog!!!

What do you stream?
I sing/play guitar and play video games.

……….. I finally enabled these. You’re welcome.

Favorite game{s}?
Can’t choose a favorite anything very well.. But for more recent games, I have been pretty into Destiny l8ly. For more “old school” games, I have to say that Super Mario RPG {SNES} and the Zelda games are some of my top choices.

Favorite band/music style?
Again, I am not good at choosing favorites. I guess for right now, I can say I’ve been pretty into indie/folk/acoustic-y stuff! But have a wide overall taste and respect for all genres. Always up for suggestions!

Christian/worship music?
Yes, I play some of this on my stream. No, you don’t have to love Jesus like I do. And no, I won’t shove my faith down your throat. However, I will play these kinds of songs if I’m in the mood for them or they are being requested. I know a lot of people have told me that they aren’t religious – and that’s okay. Nobody is forcing you to be! I just ask that you remain respectful of my choices – as I do yours.

What is your dogs name?/what kind is he?
His full name is Theodore Hercules! {long story} – but he is most often referred to as Teddy/Ted/Tedrick/bubs… And sometimes Kenny {looking at you, Tox ;)}. And despite the fancy dog breeds people try to tell me he is, he is a mut.