Grandmother SaSa

Grandmother SaSa a lifelong lover of the Earth and its People is a High Priestess, Dreamer, Seer, and Universal hands-on Healer. She was born in Central Maine to father of Abenaki/Scottish/Irish descent and to a Japanese mother. Studying for 20 years with an elder, Cherokee medicine woman Grandmother Nakai Breen, who brought the Medicine Hoop of Life sacred ceremony into the world, passed the medicine on to Grandmother SaSa. The sacred ceremony came from the ancient ones, sent to humanity at a time that it would be needed for the healing of Earth and the people. Twice a year, Grandmother SaSa holds a Medicine Hoop of Life ceremony. Currently living in West Ossipee, New Hampshire, inspired by a vision, Grandmother SaSa is the founder of The Rose and The Swan, a center dedicated to healing the Healers. Recognized for her Humanitarian work, prayer and ceremony, she has traveled the globe to share her wisdom.