Gil Ron Shama (Israel)

Café Jallal is the latest creation of Gil Ron Shama, an Israeli musician and the co-founder of the first Israeli-Palestinian world music band, Sheva. Gil is the art director of international cutlural and peace-seeking projects. He is a Middle East descent artist, who carries an important message of a new generation; a generation that finds music as the best gateway to peace between neighbors and nations, worldwide. Café Jallal presents the joining of the desert and the urban world in a melodious dish that include Palestinian, Bedouin Jewish and Arab-Israeli sacred chants ranging from traditional to renewed. Café Jallal is a real-yet-imagined space presented in the modern Israeli-Palestinian society, home to a joyous hafla dancing, a captivating trill of Khaliji and Bedouin music, a longing soul of the Hebrew prayer, celebrating traditions and voicing universally a deep intention of peace.