Gabe Harris

Gabriel Harris is a performing and recording artist, educator, and producer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gabriel’s passion for African music took him to Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Ghana, and South Africa, where he learned traditional drum rhythms and melodic griot (Jeli) music. Gabe is an integral part of, and advocate for the African music and culture scene in the Bay Area. In 2001 he founded Rhythm Village, performing and leading workshops for companies like Pixar, Cisco Systems, Kaiser Permanente, Young Presidents Organization, and many more. In 2010 Gabe became a full time touring percussionist with his mother, folk legend Joan Baez, with whom he performed throughout the U.S., Europe, Scandinavia, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Performing for audiences as large as 10,000 in a very intimate trio format has brought a high level of sensitivity and expressiveness to his playing. He brings a truly unique and innovative approach to percussion to the stage, bridging African drumming sensibilities with the intimate setting of American folk music and ballads. In addition to African, Latin, and Middle Eastern drumming, Gabe has a passion for unique instruments, and has developed aptitude in the West African balafon and kamele n’goni, Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo, Native American flutes, Suisse handpan, and more. Gabe blends his music with a passion for healing and consciousness, weaving a tapestry of sound to carry and guide the listener on an inner journey to a place of greater wisdom and understanding.