Elija Ray (USA)

Elijah Ray is an international recording artist, vocalist, teacher, composer, and multi-instrumentalist with a professional music career spanning more than 17 years. He produces music that crosses an insanely wide variety of genres, making it incredibly difficult to pin him down. Elijah's music has roots in Soul, Classical, and Jazz...which are blended in mysterious ways with flavors of Folk, Funk, World Beat, R&B, Pop and good old fashion rock and roll. Not to mention his soul stirring Piano Ballads, Symphonic Soundtracks, and Sound Healing albums called “SoundLight,” which have become staples in the yoga / healing / medicine communities. Elijah, alone, generates a full band sound on most of his tracks, playing almost every instruments and arranging many of his pieces himself. For a decade plus he has mastered the art of solo touring--taking his audience from one dimension to another with just his voice, his loop-pedals and his guitar, Ruby. He has toured the world from Bali to Ibiza to Egypt and the US at large as a one man band, but his collaborations are equally extensive…He has shared the stage with countless artists like Bibi McGill (Beyonce), Jesse Carmichael (Maroon 5), Graham Nash, Andre Manga (Paul Simon), Ben Stiller, Donovon Frankenreiter, G Love, Brett Dennon, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Tina Malia, Youssouphe Sidibe, Tubby Love, and many more.