Dame Dr. Effie Chow

Dame Dr. Effie Poy Yew Chow, reputed as "Mother of Qigong in the West" is a clinician, administrator, policy-maker, visionary, author, and WWII refuge steeped in Chinese culture including "miracles" of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong. Where all else has failed, her Chow Integrated Healing System/Chow Medical Qigong (CIHS/CMQ) is often successful. She has a PhD in education, is a psychiatric/public health nurse, a behavioral scientist and communications expert, an acupuncturist CA & NCCAOM, and Qigong Grandmaster. She has been a Research and Systems Policy consultant for over 37 years with NIH and other departments of DHHS. Dr. Chow was one of 20 appointed by then President Bill Clinton to his White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy (WHCCAMP). Her multi-award-winning talents and skills have been not only in health, but in sports, dance, singing, modeling, cuisine, and painting. Working in her father's businesses lent her the diversity and business acumen to deal with today's challenging and chaotic world. She has lectured or seen patients in over 25 hospitals/universities worldwide including Stanford, University of Hawaii, UBC, and the King's Hospital in Bangkok, with over 2500 media appearances and volunteers 75% of her time to humanity causes. The nonprofit 501(c)3 East West Academy of Healing Arts founded in 1973 was dedicated to her selfless father, Wah Sing Chow.