What Do? Please - listen first - request wisely. We are not alone, be kind - no troll requests - keep them entertaining for all. To request type "!sr [YouTube URL]" in chat. To see current request list, type "!sl" in chat. What you see is what you get! For each steam, we don't know what will appear on the song request list, most I've not heard before, which is the whole point! Risks will be taken, mistakes will be made - but there will also be magical moments you can't plan . . . these are why I am here. By giving you control over what is played 'we' create a unique experience. The cameras are designed to show 'first-person', so 'as the drummer', you get to make the request - then actually play it. Each stream is typically 3-4 hours, broken down to two sets of 90 minutes, with a predictable 15-20 minute intermission for drinks, laundry, sandwiches, or just doing something kind for one in need. Recently, due to youtube copyright limitations, some requests that play on youtube may be skipped here by nightbot - this is out of our control - please seek a link to the same song from a different source. This channel is PG-17. While the channel & admins prefer the channel be family friendly, it will respect free speech. Music requests may contain language, themes, etc . . that may be inappropriate for small children - hence the 'mature' warning. However, any content that violates Twitch standards, or is deemed offensive, will be skipped - regardless of intent - and may be reported. There can be no guarantee all requests will be played. DrumWhisperer reserves the right to skip any request - for any reason - its nothing personal, just request another.   US Daylight Savings is in effect (US CST = GMT-5) During this 'quarantine' we will begin impromptu 'pickup' streams - short, two hour streams, with no break - taking place outside our normal schedule, in an effort to offer more 'entertainment' for those stuck at home. Monday 1300 (1p CST US) Wednesday 1000 (10a CST US) Saturday 1100 (11a CST US)