Dr. Ting Jiang

Ting Jiang, Principal of the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University, founding partners of Behavior Shop, Senior Advisor at the Decision Lab, is a global expert and thought leader in behavioral change and innovation. She received her PhD degree in Economics and publishes findings across a broad range of disciplines. She has led projects globally consulting for diverse organizations, companies, and tech startups. In her work, she bridges science, tech, and art, as well as leveraging norms, habits, and games in creating holistic and innovative behavioral solutions. She coined the term "Behavioral Tech" and claims that it will become the next innovation breakthrough after AI and IOT, and can be systematically integrated into products, programs, as well as physical and digital space design. Most recently, she calls for a collective reflection on whether the world is currently in the dark ages of human sciences, despite our advancement in tech and natural sciences.