DJ Drez and Marti Nikko (USA)

Dynamic duo Marti Nikko and DJ Drez are back with the highly anticipated follow up to 2015’s “Dreaming in Sanskrit.” A dub heavy affair chock full of experimental electronic vibrations, “Dreaming in Sanskrit 2” is an emotionally evocative masterpiece of the mantra music revolution. Nikko’s golden voice is intoxicating and entrancing as she weaves ancient Sanskrit mantras and the Holy Names through each of the album’s tracks. Whether love songs to the Divine Couple Radha Krishna, Shiva and Shakti mantras, a Kundalini invocation to guru, and even a few surprises, “Dreaming 2” is a lush sonic soundscape that is dripping with bhava, devotional mood and sentiment. Her vocal stylings, accentuations and improvisations are entwined in the fabric of the production adding flavor, deep feel and brilliant instrumentation throughout the mix.