Dov is the person behind Muti Music, a selector at heart, compulsively picking tunes for record labels and for your dancing / listening pleasure. He produces various bassline centric music, downtempo, midtempo and uptempo Dubstep, Drumstep, Glitch Hop, Breaks and whatever catches his fancy in the future, also receiving accolades for collaborations with ill.Gates, An-ten-nae and Funk Monsta.His sound when performing represents that of a whole movement of young producers coming out on his Muti Music imprint and adds directions that you know are going to emerge more in the future.Known for his energetic sets that delve as hard into a tranquil interlude as they do into bassline drops and glitched out frenzies. The sounds to be expected from Dov are always elevated and emotional, whether downtempo or peak time uptempo in super-clubs, his diversity and experience have prepared him for the job.Past gig highlights include: Burning Man, Village Stage Shambhala (Canada), Coachella, T rigger (UK), Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Earth Frequency Festival (Australia), Shine On (Australia), Rezonance (South Africa), Raindance (USA), Get Freaky (San Francisco) and a plethora of outdoor summer festivals.